Инструкция к стиральной машине whirlpool awg 334

инструкция к стиральной машине whirlpool awg 334
Meters then indicate for- ward and reflected power values. Coupling strips on base and collector of transistor are 0.25-mm brass shim stock. Arrangement uses constant-current source Q2 to maintain stable bias voltage on base of Q3. By choosing proper resistor values, DC voltage feedback from emit- ter of bipolar is made to control constant-cur- rent value. Feedback control is obtained with adjust- able single-turn loop L3 coupled to LI, and receiver input is taken from L2. L3 is rotated within field .of L1 to adjust amount of regener- ation, optimize circuit Q, and make directional null more pronounced. Date: 16.09.1998 Document-No.: 4812 712 13578 AWG 316 Page 2 3 4 5 6 7 Subject to modification Advertising 2012-2017 Upload manual Thank you for your help! Prolongs battery life by preventing un- dercharging or overcharging of 12-V lead-acid battery.

Push- pull emitter-follower stages are connected to give symmetrical low output impedance on both positive and negative portions of audio waveform. Эта бытовая техника очень надежная, имеет защиту от детей. Cir- cuit eliminates need for holding control handle in position until antenna reaches desired bear- (X= RF CHOKE LOCATION IF NEEDED) ing. Tone can be obtained from audio oscillator or telephone Touch-Tone pad. Lower pair of LM324 quad opamp sections function as full-wave precision linear peak detector. Meter Ml and CR7 identify position of switch. R1-R4, in range of IK to 10K, are chosen to give 1 A, % %, and full deflection of meter.

Uses 12-VDC 1000-ohm 1-A relays, Tl SN7274IL opamp U1, and wirewound 360° ro- tation command pot R7 operating from 14-V regulated supply of original control. Стиральные машины производителя Whirlpool являются надежными и простыми в эксплуатации. Applications include setting bias and recording levels of tape recorder.

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