Радиостанция моторола ср-140 функция прямой канал talkaround инструкция

радиостанция моторола ср-140 функция прямой канал talkaround инструкция
Arrangement uses constant-current source Q2 to maintain stable bias voltage on base of Q3. By choosing proper resistor values, DC voltage feedback from emit- ter of bipolar is made to control constant-cur- rent value. With the main setting configured, you may wish to set up the radio features. Features such as nuisance channel delete and repeater talkaround make the radio a versatile, high-performance device. This particular version uses the UHF bands, and is a type 1, which covers 450 — 470 MHz. While this is not so good for the amateur 70 cm band, it is nearly ideal for use as a GMRS/FRS radio.

Contact an authorized Kenwood dealer for details and complete list of all accessories and options. CL694M-E-2 Kenwood has always connected with people through sound. After market antennas can be found for $5 — $6, and batteries can be had for about $20 — $25. Chargers run about $25 — $30. Batteries for these radios were either the KNB-11A or KNB12A. Both are still available. Wide range frequency coverage, Li-Ion battery pack, loud and clear audio, built-in signalings and option unit connector combined with Icom grade electrical performance, the IC-F14/S series will easily exceed your expectations. You may also need to find a charger. The cooling intake has integral dust protection and the remote control head meets IP54 dust and water intrusion standards. Press the SEL softkey to save the talkgroup.

Lower pair of LM324 quad opamp sections function as full-wave precision linear peak detector. Other sites may now or soon provide a better resource for comparable data.-Jim Robbins, 11/25/16For all the municipalities or groups listed above, there is a table of the frequencies and a brief description of how they are used. For small signals, Tr, and Tr 4 can be regarded as long-tailed pair without tail. The SM-6000 series mobiles are the premier radios in the tough-tested Maxon Enduro product line.

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