Hp 6000 инструкция

hp 6000 инструкция
Table 2-14 Solving CD-ROM and DVD Problems System will not boot from CD-ROM or DVD drive. The section also includes some text messages that may be encountered during POST. NOTE: The computer will beep once after a POST text message is displayed on the screen. Page 36 Replace DIMMs one at a time to isolate the faulty module. NOTE: Refer to the Hardware Reference Guide for your system for proper DIMM installation instructions.

Page 9: Status Tab Memory can not be tested from within the HP Vision Field Diagnostics application. To test the memory in your computer, you must exit HP Vision Field Diagnostics, boot to either the CD or USB flash drive and select HP Memory Test from the boot menu. The CMOS button resets CMOS but does not clear the power-on and setup passwords. The HP Support section provides information on obtaining technical support from HP. Saving and Printing Information in HP Vision Field Diagnostics You can save the information displayed in the HP Vision Field Diagnostics Survey, History and Errors tabs to a diskette or a USB flash drive. The clutch demands the leg strength of a baby elephant.

Replace DIMMs one at a time to isolate the faulty module. Cause Hard disk has bad sectors or has failed. Cause Either the directory structure is bad or there is a problem with a file.

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