Инструкция nikon coolpix s6500

инструкция nikon coolpix s6500
Optional top AC Adapter EH-5a, which needs an additional EP-5A power connector to work with the P7000. Nikon WC-E75A 0.75x wide-angle converter. Hooray! Canon doesn’t get this, and on most Powershots, you never can get a perfectly clean screen on which to compose. Remote Control top With the wonderful $16 ML-L3 wireless transmitter, which also works on many other Nikon SLRs. LCD top 3.” High-resolution 921,000-dot.

Unlike Canon, whose C1, C2 and C3 modes easily save and recall everything about everything set on the camera, Nikons useless (thus the U1, U2 and U3 designations) modes only remember a couple of things, and each has to have each of its limited memory options set by hand! Правая боковая поверхность пустует, а слева находится ушко крепёжного шнурка и резиновая заглушка, скрывающая разъёмы подключения HDMI- и USB/AV-кабелей. К последнему подключается и зарядное устройство. Stereo mic input, but you have to provide the microphones. Externally the two cameras are almost identical, apart from a few subtle differences we’ll get to shortly.

You must go thorough menus for the ND filter. Whilst the P600 had one too, the new model’s 921,000-dot resolution is a huge improvement over the P600’s mediocre 201,000-dot device. The P610 isn’t short on extra features, boasting Wi-Fi connectivity with NFC pairing for easy image sharing and remote camera control. GPS & GLONASS geolocation tagging is also present, so you can map where your photos were taken and discover local points of interest.

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