Panasonic kx fp85 инструкция

panasonic kx fp85 инструкция
Document guides Document entrance Speaker (Left side of the handset cradle) Front cover Document exit Note: The document will be ejected from the front of the unit. The unit can hold up to 50 sheets of 60 g/m to 75 g/m (16 lb. to 20 lb.) paper or 30 sheets of 90 g/m… Page 12 KX-FP80 (008-013) 00.2.21 9:49 AM Setup Connections! Example of a 200% enlarged copy Original document A B C D E F G H… Page 48 KX-FP80 (048-053) 00.2.21 9:44 AM Features Summary Programming!

The unit can make single or multiple copies (up to 40). Any transmittable document (p. 27) can be copied. Page 19: Entering Pauses KX-FP80 (018-025) 00.2.21 9:47 AM TONE, FLASH and PAUSE TONE button TONE ) button is used for rotary pulse dial services and allows you to temporarily change from pulse to tone mode during a dialing operation. The other party’s machine is not a facsimile. Page 58: Fax – Sending, Fax – Receiving The telephone line cord is connected to the EXT jack on the unit. Model shown is KX-TG2511. Главная · метронидазол для внутривенного вливания инструкция цена. Keys Hyphen button (To insert a hyphen.) FLASH Insert button (To insert one character or one space.) MUTE Delete button (To delete a character.) Page 22: Editing A Stored Name And Number KX-FP80 (018-025) 00.2.21 9:47 AM JOG DIAL Editing a stored name and number JOG DIAL Rotate is displayed.

Page 42 Use this mode when you are always near the fax machine, are not using an answering machine, and want the fax machine to detect faxes without ringing. Page 55 KX-FP80 (054-061) 00.2.21 9:43 AM Display! If the unit detects a problem, one or more of the following messages will appear on the display. Page 15 KX-FP80 (014-017) 00.2.21 9:48 AM To select characters with the dial keypad Pressing the dial keys will select a character as shown below. Page 64: Ink Film KX-FP80 (062-067) 00.2.21 9:42 AM Ink Film Replacing the ink When the unit runs out of ink film, the following message will be displayed. For best results, use genuine Panasonic replacement film Model No. KX-FA53 or KX-FA55. To install legal size recording paper, use a legal paper tray Model No. KX-FA50 (p. Page 8: Help Button KX-FP80 (008-013) 00.2.21 9:49 AM Help Button Help function! Page 3 KX-FP80 (001-007) 00.2.21 9:49 AM Important safety When using this unit, basic safety precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or personal injury. 1. Read and understand all instructions. 2. Follow all warnings and instructions marked on this unit.

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