Kenwood ddx7025 инструкция по установки

kenwood ddx7025 инструкция по установки
Page 7: Notes On Playing Mp3/wma Notes on playing MP3/WMA This unit can play MP3 (MPEG1 Audio Layer 3)/WMA. Note, however, that the MP3/WMA recording media and formats acceptable are limited. Нажатием кнопки активируем перехват, еще одним нажатием — деактивируем. Вмонтировав андроид-планшет 7″ в будку для навигации я начал искать способы вывести звук с планшета на магнитолу, а покупать для этого новую «голову» совсем не хотелось. Mecha Error The disc player is malfunctioning. ] Eject the disc and try inserting it again. Contact our spare parts distributor for the supply of spare parts, front panels, accessories and security codes.

Single Finger Operation (Tap / Drag): Only the single finger operation such as «Tap» or «Drag» is possible from the touch screen panel of the Multimedia Receiver. Software updates will be listed on these web pages for all our in-car products if and when an update becomes necessary. When dialing Originate a call by entering a phone number. Enter a phone number —… Page 88: Calling By Phone Book Hands-Free Unit Control Calling by Phone Book You can call a person using his/her phone number that you have registered in the Phone Book. Find out if your phone is compatible with Kenwood’s systems and what software/firmware you need to be running on your Kenwood system for your particular make/model of phone.

For example, if the security code is 1111, enter it as 1101. If the security code is 9999, enter 9989. Finding the Kenwood Security Code There are backdoor codes for each Kenwood car stereo, based on the model and serial numbers. Enter a name For character entry details, see … Page 32: Id3/wma Tag Display (during Mp3/wma Play, Disc Select (during Play By Disc Changer CD/MP3/WMA/Disc Changer Play Control ID3/WMA TAG Display (during MP3/WMA play) The ID3/WMA TAG information of MP3/WMA file is listed. Kenwood Music Play is the app to listen to music from your Android device (Android OS 4.1 and above) with the Kenwood car-audio receiver connected via USB. Need technical information for Kenwood car receivers relating to Audio File specifications and USB devices. The procedure for entering the security code differs on various models of Kenwood car stereos. Идеальное сочетание индивидуального стиля, отличного качества звука и комфорта!Наша новая коллекция включает всё разнообразие: полноразмерные накладные, наушники-вкладыши и водонепроницаемые для занятий спортом. Contact the Kenwood dealer if this indicator continues blinking or the disc cannot be ejected.

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