Инструкция hp deskjet1220c

инструкция hp deskjet1220c
Input Kicker Spring 3 Pick Separator 3 Use a flathead screwdriver Assembly to release the two catches. For further instructions on changing print settings, see Changing Default Print Settings on page 3-4. Incorrect Media Type? Теперь нужно все хорошо промыть в воде с использованием мягкой кисточки. Turn the screwdriver until the tool reads 55 +/- 10 mils. Do not loosen the black screws that secure the Upper Rail to the Backbone Assembly. Serviceable Parts that Require Calibration 7-31 3 On the right side of the Drive Roller Assembly, lift up and rotate the lock- ing plastic bearing (Right Drive Bearing) until you are able to pull it out and remove it. 4 Lift platen and remove the Drive Roller Assembly. Check the Release Notes for known software conflicts.

Если такая неприятность произошла, то главное — быстрее почистить принтер, чтобы куча порошка бумагой не была затянута в печку. Using and Caring for Print Cartridges 5-5 Cleaning the Electrical Contacts Poor contact between the print cartridges and cartridge cradles may also affect the quality of the printout. Итак, в общем и целом принтер произвел очень благоприятное впечатление. Make sure the paper width and length adjusters fit snugly against the left and bottom edges of the paper stack. Jagged Text Possible causes: Wrong Type of Font Chosen? The main media tray holds up to 150 sheets of plain paper. • Load media properly. • Do not use media that is curled or crumpled. • Always use paper that conforms to the media specifications.

Warranty The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice. The printer prints a Calibration Diagnostic test page. A green check mark to the left of each test, indicates that calibration was successful. For the alternative (top) media feed, do not load more than 10 sheets of media or 3 envelopes.

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