Apollo aan-100 инструкция

apollo aan-100 инструкция
For instance, an INDEX to address 25 triggered the RESUME instruction to return from an interrupt. The Greek theater is composed of the seating area (theatron), a circular space for the chorus to perform (orchestra), and the stage (_skene_). Tiered seats in the theatron provided space for spectators. Memory[edit] Apollo AGC 1024-bit erasable core memory module (front and back). Block I AGC memory was organized into 1 kiloword banks. Various tricks were employed to squeeze in additional instructions, such as having special memory addresses which, when referenced, would implement a certain function.

Подключение считывателей СКУД, охранных шлейфов и управление внешними устройствами осуществляется через промежуточные интерфейсные модули и охранные панели. The control pulses were the signals which did the actual work of the instruction, such as reading the contents of a register onto the bus, or writing data from the bus into a register. Deze site werkt prettiger als u javascript aanzet. Data buses[edit] The AGC had a 16-bit read bus and a 16-bit write bus.

All across-bank subroutine calls had to be initiated from fixed-fixed memory through special functions to restore the original bank during the return: essentially a system of far pointers. Мощная аппаратная логика За счет мощной встроенной логики контроллера AAN-100 в виде аппарата внутренних переменных возможно программирование сложных внутренних связей и реакций системы. Verb described the type of action to be performed and Noun specified which data was affected by the action specified by the Verb command. The AGC also had a sophisticated software interpreter, developed by the MIT Instrumentation Laboratory, that implemented a virtual machine with more complex and capable pseudo-instructions than the native AGC. These instructions simplified the navigational programs. Обеспечивает мониторинг событий видеокамер и управление, мониторинг любых тревог.

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