Панасоник кх-та308 инструкция

панасоник кх-та308 инструкция
Page 31 Station Programming Instructions To confirm the assigned data —Be sure that you are in the Station Programming mode. Automatic Callback Busy (Camp-On) the called party becomes idle. Page 71 Features Flow chart of possible cases and results for DISA calls An outside line call is made. Page 40: Fwd/dnd Button, Group-co (g-co) Button 2.2 Station Programming (Personal Programming) FWD/DND Button Allows you to assign a Flexible CO button as the FWD/DND button. — Be sure that you are in the Station Programming mode. This is the time between a call reaching the system and being received. The proprietary telephone you want to monitor should be prepared for monitoring beforehand.

Page 149: Hold Recall Time System Programming [200]-[202] [200] Hold Recall Time Assigns the length of the hold recall timer. Page 167: Timed Reminder Telephone Features Timed Reminder You can receive a ringback at your telephone to remind you of a meeting or appointment. Lift the handset or press SP-PHONE/MONITOR. To leave the conference Hang up or press SP-PHONE/MONITOR. Page 123: Executive Busy Override Deny Telephone Features Executive Busy Override Deny Allows you to prevent other extension users from interrupting your conversation.

Press the desired Flexible CO button you wish to assign as the SAVE button. However, programming can last just a few minutes, and the downtime of the Panasonic KX-TA PBX would be kept to minimum. Setting PT and SLT FWD/DND Lift the handset For a PT: Press FWD/DND. or press For an SLT: Dial 71. Page 72: Call Forwarding — Follow Me Call Forwarding — Follow Me You can set the “Call Forwarding” feature from the destination extension. The focus is Proprietary Telephones (PTs); KX-TA30820/KX-TA30830/KX- TA30850, Single Line Telephones (SLTs) and their features. Page 88: Log-in/log-out, Message Waiting Features Log-In/Log-Out Allows an extension user to join (Log-In) or leave (Log-Out) a hunting, DISA ring or UCD group temporarily.

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