Инструкция лего для 42000

инструкция лего для 42000
Motorize it with 8293 LEGO Power Functions Motor Set (sold separately) for even more supercharged fun! Maybe it is the model I have enjoyed more building it.Lots of parts, specially many of them suitable for car building like differential gears. The gear wheel visible on this side of the body is used to manually operate the door and engine cowling opening mechanisms.

The presentation of the set is by far the most impressive ever seen by Lego. This F1 car on the other hand comes in a more handleable box that it is full of parts. Here the gull wing doors have been added along with the first wheel arch and headlight. Studs are the small circle knobs on traditional LEGO bricks. Although it won’t take off the ground it is a really cool looking helicopter and you can add Power Functions so the rotor spins like a real helicopter. The lovely way the steering wheel works, the suspension, the spoilers, the incredible (and fake) V8 motor, the four new fantastic wheels… all in this model is so lovely.

Unlike other technic sets that focus on mechanics first and presentation second, this set is truly about its looks. This is maybe the coolest set ever released by LEGO in the Technic range. Whilst all the internal workings are hidden by panels and the steering has a lot of play in it, this set is a must have for any Porsche or Lego enthusiast. I hope Lego will invest in future 1:8 scale builds.

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