Gsm alarm system инструкция

gsm alarm system инструкция
Whenpeople enter the defense region illegally, the main engine will give sound of sirens and call thehosts, so hosts can return home or inform neighboring relatives to cope with the instantly. Learn more Expand your system You have a house with the nicest garden? You can purchase the S4 alarm kits from retailers listed below.

Stay in contact with your home at all time: the whole alarm system can be controlled from distance on your phone, wherever you are. Communication by landline and/or SIM card LCD Screen Easier setup Setup directly on the control panel Easy to install. Learn more ES-D2AWireless Pet-Immune Motion Detector Detect humans, not animals. Click on a logo to be redirected to their online store.

Learning method is same as above.Designated serial learning detector * 8 ?? * Connect learning detector to the designated defense area number and ?? is the defense number. Landline / GSM Alarm System Protecting your home when you’re away has never been this easy with wireless alarm system. Normally open: In the state of no trigger, the port is disconnected withground (negative) and short connection is the trigger condition. Learn more ES-S7BOutdoor Siren The ES-S7B is a 95 dB outdoor siren (measured at 1m) which resists to rain and comes with backup batteries. Learn more ES-D4ALong Distance Door / Window Contact With its antenna, this wireless door / window contact can be installed up to 300m away from the control panel of your system. Это обеспечивает доставку тревожного сигнала в случае, если один изномеров оповещения был отключ?н или недоступен.2) Присылает SMS с указанием места, где установлен сработавший датчик.

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