Инструкция kenwood tm261a

инструкция kenwood tm261a
Enter frequency by Dial or UP/DN buttons on microphone. Thanks for the hard to find manual! 06/09/2009: Vincent Italia I have just received the manual. The user interface on some radios is horrible. This mode allows you to use the Tuning control or the microphone [UP]I[DWN] buttons to change the transceiver frequency in 1 MHz steps. Push F. A memory channel number will appear in Display.

Position the bracket with the 3 holes facing fonr/ ard if you plan to angle the transceiver downward. The Call channel can be programmed with a simplex or split frequency as well as related data that can be stored in the memory channels. No matter what mode the transceiver is in, the Call channel always can be selected quickly. This could result in increased errors or a complete failure to connect with other stations. They look a lot better then any download from the internet. Connect your TNC to the microphone connector on the Now, «‘a”5CelVeV Front Panel Using 3 Cable equipped Wm‘ 3” 8‘Pi» O Transmit data input sensitivity is 40 mV, ,,. This is suitable for a modular plug. Switch OFF the power, ensure the microphone connector on the Front Panel has no foreign objects in it, then insert the microphone plug until the locking tab clicks in place.

Dick 06/09/2010: Ron Your manuals are of the highest quality. Peter offers an important service to the amateur community—at a very fair and competitive price. The number stored in the memory channel scrolls across ® the Display accompanied by DTMF tones from the speaker.

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